List of MS Thesis (Supervised)

1. Sanjida Haque Tinni. 2013. Impact of Tanneries Waste Disposal on Envirronment in some selected areas of Dhaka City Corporation. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University.  P. 69.r

2. Md. Emdadul Haque. 2013. Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Fruits available in Mymensingh Local Market. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, BAU. P. 48.

3. Md. Tajnur Ali. 2013. Assessment of the trend of Change of climate variable in Rajshahi and Chittagong Divisions. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, BAU. P. 57.

4. Tonmoy Mustafa. 2013. Impact of Drug Addiction on Social Environmental and its causes and remedies. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, BAU. P. 52.

5. Md. Abu Rayhan. 2013. Study on Urban Environmental Problems in Gaibandha: Trends and Problems of Municipal Waste Management. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, BAU. P. 83.

6. Md. Zahirul Islam. 2013. Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Vegetables collected from local market by using GC Technique. MS Thesis, The Department of Environmental Science, BAU. P. 59.

7. Md. Tanvir Hossain. 2013. An Environmental Impact Study on Frequency of Pesticide use during Vegetable Production. MS Thesis, The Department of Enviromental Science, BAU. P. 55.

8. Sheikh Fazlul Hoque Mani. 2013: Environmental impacts of Jamuna Fertilizer industry at Sarishabari Upazilla in Jamalpur district on Human health, biodiversity and agriculturl production.

9. Md. Sajedur Rahman. 2014.

10. Md. Abul Kalam Azad. 2014: Effect of Tobacco smoke on Human Health and its impact on environment at Mirpur Upazilla under Kishtia District.

11. Rokonuzzaman, 2015:Interrelationship between Precipitation and rice production in Rangpur district.

12. Nure Alam, 2016: Characterization of Textile effluents and present status of elluent managment in a selected industry.

13. Md. Khalid Hossen. 2016: Physico-Chemical Characterization of Textile industrial effluents in BoardBazar, Gazipur.

14. Kaniz Fatema. 2016: Characterization of effluents of Jamuna Fertilizer Factory and Discharge point directd to the Jamuna River in Jamalpur.

15. Rasel Sarker, 2015: Investigation on peoples perspection level and awarenes of air pollution in rural and urban ares of Mymensingh Sadar Upazilla.

16. Premangshu Majumder. 2016.

17. Marzia Khatun, 2016: Observational studies on thunderstorms and lightning in Mymensingh and Jamalpur districts.

18. Israt Jahan Ema, 2016: Physicochemical and Microbial assessment of drinkjng water of different restaurants at Mymensingh Sadar.

19. Md. Moshiur Rahman: Investigation on Disaster risk reduction in Rangpur Division: A focus on coping strategies.

20. Mostafizur Rahman, 2016: Heavy metal pollution status of water and fishes in Balu and Brahmaputra rivers.

21. Mst. Rokaiya Hasina, 2016: Analysis of soil and coal used in Brick Kiln: Focus on air pollution Monitoring.

22. Md. Shamsur Rahman, 2016: Assessment of Drinking water quality and hygenic conditions of the people living around the Dingaputha Haor area of Netrokona District.


24. Nazina Afrin, 2017: Impacts and vulnerability assessment to climate change in Bangladesh focusing Jessore and Mymensingh districts. P. 108.

25. Md. Abdullah, 2017. Assessment of Trace elements from Biomass burning and household dusts: Effects on Health and Environment. P. 113.

26. Rashida Sultana, 2017:

27. Amit Hassan, 2017: Application of GIS in General Soil Mapping of Bangladesh. P. 95.

28. Monika Mustafa, 2017 (December):

29. Ratul Rabi Das, 2017 (December):

30. Lita , 2017 (December):

31. Sanny, JJ 2018:

32. Mitu, JJ 2018:

33. Laila Mustaina Zerin, JJ 2018:

34. Rajon, JJ 2018.

35. Md. Abdur Rahman Porag, JD 2018:

36. Munjira Yasmin Asha, JD 2018:

37. Jhumur, JD 2018.

38. Ronjon, JD 2018.

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