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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Educational and Research Organizations:

Bangladesh Agricultrual University   BAU Teacher/Staff log in

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

University of Arizona   Bangladesh Entomological Society

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ministry & Research Funding Organizations

Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB     BANSDOC

BARC (Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council)

DAE (Department of Agricultural Extension)     BAEC          BCSIR

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Journal links:

AEA journal lists                 DOAJ           RePEc   

-My interested journals

   Journal of Chemical Ecology      Journal of Pesticide Science                

Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Planta     Annals of Botany    Journal of Experimental Botany

Trees- Structure and Function   Tree Physiology      Journal of Wood Science      

 Journal of Wood chemistry and technology    American Journal of Botany


Indian Journal of Training and Development 

JKMEIT (Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information  Technology)  


Journal of Experimental Biosciences 

Bangladesh Research Publications Journal

Bangladesh Journal of Entomology       

RALF,      Progressive Agriculture,    Environmental Pollution                


------------------------------------    J-Stage Journals:

Agricultural Information Research , Applied Entomology and Zoology , Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, Cell Structure and Function , Environmental Science , Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology , Japanese Journal of Crop Science , Japansese Journal of Environmental Entomology and Zoology , Japanese Journal of Environmental Toxicology , Journal of Environmental Chemistry , Journal of Japanese Forest Society , Journal of Japanese Society for Horticultultural Science , Journal of Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan , Journal of Natural Disaster Science , Journal of Oleo Science , Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry in japan , Journal of Toxicological Science , Plant Biotechnology , Plant Production Science , Trends in the Science , Tropical Agriculture and Development

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bangladesh online journals (Banglajol supported):

Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research, Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University        


Thai Journal of Agricultural Science

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

Indian journals (Indian Journal Agricultural Research, Legume Research, Agricultural Reviews, Agricultural Science Digest etc.)

Sciencealerts journals:  (American J. Plant Physiology, Asian J. Agric. Res., Asian J. Bilog. Sci., Asian J. Crop Sci., Asian J. Plant Sci., Asian J. Scientific Res.,Current Res. in Chem., Intl. J. Ag. Res.,  International J. Botany, International J. Zoolog. Res., J. of Entomology, J. Plant Sci., Res. J. Botany, Res. J. Medicinal Plants, Res. J. Phytochemistry, Singapore J. Scientific Res., Trends in Applied Sci. Res. et.)


IDOSI journals ( Academic Journal of Entomology) (Academic Journal of Plant Sciences (Botany Research International(European Journal of Applied Sciences)    ( European Journal of Biological Sciences)    (International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture)     (World Applied Sciences Journal)  (World Journal of Agricultural Sciences)

New Journals (2011): Academic Research International   Sacha journals  Albanian J Agr. Sci.   IJARIT


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